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Sheath voltage limiters


In accordance with TS-EN 60099-4 and IEC 60099-4 we are producing PMSP-DD type 10 kA; 1.8 to 18 kV polymer housed metal oxide sheath voltage limiter surge arresters.

Sheath voltage limiter surge arresters are used to limit induced over voltages due to short circuit currents.


Technical data

  Type PMSP-DD
  Nominal discharge current (8/20 ms) 10 kA
  High current impulse (4/10 ms) 100 kA
  Long duration current impulse 250 A, 2000 ms
  Rated frequency 50 Hz
  Pressure relief capability 16 kA

  Click here to download PMSP-DD Catalogue

Updated on 01.12.2017