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Metal oxide surge arresters

     with polymer housing


We are manufacturing polymer housed metal oxide surge arresters with nominal discharge currents of 5 kA and 10 kA, with rated voltages 3 kV to 36 kV, in accordance with TS-EN 60099-4 and IEC 60099-4.

The optional arrester disconnector is connected in series with the earth lead of the arrester. In case of an arrester failure due to dischargers above rated values, the arrester disconnector disconnects the failed arrester from the system, thereby preventing its being a continuous source of fault. What is more, it enables the site people to identify the failed arrester.


Technical data

  Type PMSP-5 PMSP-10
  Nominal discharge current (8/20 ms)  5 kA 10 kA
  High current impulse (4/10 ms) 65 kA 100 kA
  Long duration current impulse 75 A, 1000 ms 250 A, 2000 ms
  Rated frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
  Pressure relief capability 16 kA 20 kA

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Updated on 01.12.2017