Politek A.Ş.


Research to product since 1987...




Politek, a manufacturing company in the fields of electromechanical and engineering plastics industries, is founded in Izmir, Turkey.

As a result of the research work done about surge arresters commenced in 1987, the production of nonlinear resistor type low voltage surge arresters and porcelain housed medium voltage surge arresters with gaps started in the years 1990 and 1991, respectively.

Parallel to the technical developments elsewhere, in 1998, the production of porcelain housed gapless metal oxide surge arresters started within the company and just four years after that, in 2002, the production of polymer housed gapless metal oxide surge arresters became the sole surge arrester type being manufactured by Politek.

Currently, we produce polymer housed gapless metal oxide surge arresters with nominal discharge currents of 2.5 kA, 5 kA and 10 kA, with rated voltages 0.28 to 36 kV.

In the field of engineering plastics, we are producing products like o-rings, v-rings, seals, and switchgear components made of pure and filled ptfe according to customers' drawings.

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